Kostas Syrtariotis – Booktree

‘booktree’ in tineo and ebony finishees by kostas syrtariotis 

venice-based designer kostas syrtariotis presents ‘booktree’ at milan design week 2011 as part of the kidsroomzoom event.
exactly as the name indicates, the shelf takes on the shape of a tree in which its outreaching branches climb the wall,
providing space in which to store books and other small items. made from solid wood of either ash, ebony or tineo finishes,
the ‘booktree’ can be assembled in 10 minutes and is hung to the wall, supported by only two screws.
its overall dimensions measure H12 x L90 x W20 cm.
booktree: the first concept


the shelf in use

(from designboom.com)

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