Gallery Artists – Natasha Law

Blue Thread
2010 Gloss paint on aluminium 49 x 49 in / 125 x 125 cm

Natasha Law’s signature paintings of semi-nudes work as snapshots of the intimate. They capture a moment, whether posed and deliberate or more informal and spontaneous. Despite their monochromatic background, they allude to the intimacy of domestic spaces, the bedrooms and living rooms her models inhabit. The limits of the aluminium panel function as a key hole, delimiting curvy breasts, lean waists, often half hidden by brightly coloured clothes. Alternating between the traditional genres of nude and portraiture, Law’s lines underline her model’s uniqueness and exalt an almost intoxicating essence of femininity.Executed with industrial material, the paintings require a complex, time-consuming process. Law usually starts with modelling sessions where she photographs and draws her sitters. She then projects the resulting line drawings onto metal sheets, decides how to crop the image as well as its colour scheme. The last and possibly most difficult part of the process starts when she applies the colours on the aluminium panel. Multiple layers are necessary to produce her immediately recognisable vibrant colours, and each layer requires long hours of drying. Law’s choice of material, as well her subject, evokes the aesthetic of Pop Art, her bold block colours reminiscent of Tom Wesselmann’s seminal nudes. The saturated colours lend a near-abstract quality to the works, turning these figurative works into complex composition of coloured shapes. In style, Law’s are elegantly minimal; in content they remain emotionally charged.

Natasha Law was born in 1970 and lives in London.


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